What is KeraVive?

KeraVive is a transformative three-step treatment designed to rejuvenate your scalp, surpassing conventional hair care solutions deeply. This method ensures an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Here’s a detailed overview of the KeraVive process:

  1. Exfoliation and Detoxification: The treatment starts with thorough exfoliation to clear away dead skin cells, buildup, and excess oils that may block follicles and impede hair growth. This deep cleansing step prepares the scalp for the effective absorption of nutrients.
  2. Nutrient Delivery: A specialized mix of potent actives, including peptides, vitamins, and growth factors, is precisely administered to the scalp using advanced delivery technologies. This step targets the hair follicles, ensuring that these essential nutrients are directly absorbed where they are most needed.
  3. Stimulation and Hydration: The final phase involves stimulating the scalp to boost blood flow and promote new hair growth. This phase also includes intense hydration to refresh and soothe the scalp, setting the stage for healthy hair to flourish.

Science-Backed Ingredients

KeraVive scalp treatment

KeraVive isn’t just about pampering your scalp; it’s about harnessing the power of science to achieve real results. The treatment utilizes a carefully curated blend of clinically proven ingredients:

  • Peptides: These building blocks of protein act as messengers, stimulating hair follicles and promoting cell growth. Imagine them as tiny coaches, guiding your hair follicles to produce thicker, stronger strands.
  • Vitamins: A cocktail of essential vitamins, like biotin and vitamin D, provides the necessary nutrients to nourish your hair from the inside out. Think of them as the fuel your hair follicles need to function optimally.
  • Growth Factors: These potent ingredients mimic the natural growth factors in your scalp, stimulating hair follicle activity and promoting new hair growth. Imagine them as a kickstart, encouraging your hair follicles to shift into high gear.

Benefits of KeraVive for Healthy Hair Growth

KeraVive offers numerous benefits that contribute to the vitality and health of your hair:

  • Reduced Hair Loss: By addressing the underlying causes of hair loss, KeraVive can help slow down shedding and promote thicker, healthier hair growth.
  • Improved Scalp Health: The treatment helps remove impurities, balance sebum production, and create a healthy environment for hair follicles to thrive. Imagine it as a clean slate for your hair to flourish.
  • Enhanced Hair Quality: KeraVive can leave your hair feeling stronger, more resilient, and with a noticeable increase in volume. Think of it as a total hair transformation, from the roots to the tips.
  • Increased Scalp Comfort: Itching, dryness, and other scalp irritations can be a thing of the past. KeraVive soothes and hydrates the scalp, leaving you feeling refreshed and comfortable.

But wait, there’s more! KeraVive isn’t just a one-time fix. The treatment is designed to work synergistically with a personalized home care routine. Our board-certified dermatologists will recommend the perfect combination of shampoos, conditioners, and scalp serums to maintain the results and promote optimal scalp health.

Is KeraVive Right for You? Understanding Candidate Suitability

KeraVive is a versatile treatment suitable for a wide range of hair concerns. Here are some ideal candidates:

  • Individuals Experiencing Hair Loss: Whether you’re noticing gradual thinning or more pronounced hair loss, KeraVive can help address the root cause and promote regrowth.
  • Those with Scalp Concerns: An itchy, dry, or irritated scalp can be a symptom of underlying issues. KeraVive helps soothe the scalp and create a healthier environment for hair growth.
  • People Seeking Overall Hair Health Improvement: Even if you’re not experiencing hair loss, KeraVive can help optimize your scalp health and promote stronger, thicker, and more vibrant hair.

Schedule Your KeraVive Consultation

Ready to transform your hair and scalp health? Schedule your consultation today at Ayana Dermatology & Aesthetics and see how KeraVive can make a significant difference in your hair’s vitality and appearance. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized care and expert advice, ensuring that you leave with a smile and healthier, lusher hair.

Customer Love: Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Helen P.
Google review
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I had a great experience at Ayana Dermatology! Dr. Levi is a fantastic physician. She was very kind to me and thorough in her exam. You can clearly see she has a passion for her career and patients. Her clinic is beautiful and clean. Staff was kind and welcoming. I am happy to have found my dermatologist!
Nicole A.
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My experience at Ayana has been nothing short of amazing! I came to Dr. Levi for hair loss, and she took the time to really listen to me and discussed all treatment options with me in detail. Not only do I feel cared for by everyone at the office, but I have also seen significant improvement in my hair growth using Dr. Levi's medical advice and treatment approach. Go to Ayana if you want results and the best care in South FL!
Allan h.
facebook review
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Dr. Levi and staff were true professionals. Great results and competitive rates. What I thought would take months for my skin to heal was almost gone in only 1 week. Will definitely come back!
Amanda P.
Google review
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So blessed to have a AYANA DERMATOLOGY in Wilton Manors!! Good bye med spas - overpriced and lack quality control. Dr. Cherise Mizrahi-Levi Is generous with her knowledge and time. I love learning about how to care for my skin without the med spa gimmicks.
Bernard R.
yelp review
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I am from Miami Beach and now live in Orlando. I am frequently in Fort Lauderdale because that is where my kids live. I have been to many dermatologists over the years. Dr. Levi is by far the best dermatologist I have ever seen. Her attention to detail is incredible. She is highly intelligent and is great at communicating what is going on. I can't put into words how great of a doctor she is. highly recommend her!
Theresa S.
Google review
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Amazing service from first call to end of appointments. Been here several times for different things and they are consistently professional and friendly!
Therese N.
Facebook Review
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Dr. Levi and her staff were attentive and tried to help with my concerns. Will be seeing her again in about three weeks for a followup.
Kirsten b.
yelp review
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Dr. Levi is amazing. She takes the time to understand your problem and then works with you to improve your condition. You don't feel rushed and you are definitely listened to. Her follow up is fantastic, taking time to call you personally with lab results.
Talia N.
Facebook review
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The best derm experience I’ve ever had, truly. I felt well taken care of by the entire team. Dr. Levi is warm, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of dermatology. She took her time to explain everything from A-Z so I didn’t leave with any worries or concerns. I highly recommend this practice! Experienced skin care professionals, Amazing results, Expert facials, Licensed skin care professionals, Professional products, Beautiful results.
Mirit g.
Yelp review
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Thank you for the knowledge, explanation and special treatment Dr. Cherise M. Levi you're the best! Beautiful place, so peaceful & great team! Definitely going to see you soon again 🙂
Elizabeth K.
Facebook review
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Wonderful, caring doctor. Takes her time with patients. Never rushes. Listens to patient & makes informed recommendations. Great support staff. Makes good recommendations for skin care products. Will continue to go to Ayana Dermatology for skin cancer checks.
Ivan D.
yelp review
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Beautiful office great staff very professional the doctor comes with a magnificent history in the industry in NYC she makes you feel very comfortable and i have total confidence in her decisions and advice so glad i found her!

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Clients often report noticeable improvements in hair thickness and scalp condition after just a few treatments.

The cost of KeraVive varies depending on the number of treatment sessions recommended by your dermatologist to achieve your desired results. During your consultation, we’ll provide a transparent cost breakdown tailored to your specific needs.

Yes, you can wash your hair gently 24 hours after your KeraVive treatment. We’ll provide specific post-treatment instructions to ensure optimal results.

KeraVive treatments are very safe and have been tested for efficacy and safety in numerous clinical trials.

While some patients may experience noticeable improvements after just one session, KeraVive is typically recommended as a series of treatments for optimal results. Consistency is key! Most patients see significant improvement within 3-6 months, with continued benefits with a personalized home care routine.

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