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What is Eczema?

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting individuals of all ages, though often starting in childhood. It disrupts the skin’s barrier function, leading to dryness, inflammation, and intense itching. While the exact cause remains unknown, genetics and environmental triggers play a significant role.

Types of Eczema


Several types of eczema exist, each with distinct characteristics and triggers:

  • Atopic dermatitis: The most common form, often presenting with dry, itchy patches on the face, hands, and feet.
  • Hand eczema: Primarily affects the hands, causing dryness, cracking, and blisters.
  • Nummular eczema: Characterized by coin-shaped, itchy patches, typically on the legs and arms.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis: Affects areas rich in oil glands, such as the scalp, eyebrows, and sides of the nose, causing redness, flaking, and greasy scales.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema: Causes small, itchy blisters on the palms and sides of the fingers.

What are the causes of eczema?

While the exact cause remains elusive, several factors contribute to eczema development:

  • Genetics: A strong family history increases the risk.
  • Immune system dysfunction: Eczema is linked to an overactive immune response to triggers.
  • Skin barrier dysfunction: Impaired skin barrier function allows irritants and allergens to penetrate, triggering inflammation.
  • Environmental triggers: Stress, harsh soaps, dry weather, dust mites, and allergens like pollen can worsen symptoms.
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What are the symptoms of eczema?

Recognizing the symptoms of eczema aids in early intervention and effective management:

  • Itching: Persistent itching is a hallmark symptom of eczema.
  • Redness: Inflamed areas often appear red or pink.
  • Dryness: Skin affected by eczema tends to be dry and prone to flakiness.
  • Swelling: In severe cases, swelling and oozing may occur.

How is Eczema Properly Diagnosed?

Accurate diagnosis is essential for developing a tailored treatment plan. Dermatologists employ various methods, including:

  • Clinical Examination: Visual inspection of the affected areas.
  • Skin Biopsy: Removing a small skin sample for laboratory analysis.
  • Patch Testing: Identifying specific allergens through controlled exposure.

What are common treatments for eczema?

Eczema management focuses on controlling symptoms, preventing flare-ups, and improving skin health. Treatment options may include:

  • Moisturizers: Regular use of fragrance-free emollients is crucial to restore and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Topical corticosteroids: These prescription creams and ointments reduce inflammation and itching.
  • Calcineurin inhibitors: Non-steroidal medications like tacrolimus and pimecrolimus offer an alternative for long-term management.
  • Phototherapy: Ultraviolet light therapy can be beneficial in some cases.
  • Dupixent: This biologic therapy is injected and targets specific immune pathways involved in eczema.

How long does it take to treat eczema?

The duration of eczema treatment varies based on factors such as:

  • Severity: Mild cases may resolve more quickly than severe ones.
  • Consistency: Adhering to prescribed treatments consistently.
  • Individual Response: Response to treatment varies among individuals.

Understanding Complications Arising from Eczema

When eczema goes untreated or is poorly managed, it can give rise to various complications that extend beyond the visible symptoms. Here’s a closer look at these potential challenges:

  • Increased Risk of Infections
    The compromised integrity of the skin in individuals with eczema makes it more vulnerable to infections. Scratching and persistent inflammation create open wounds, providing an entry point for bacteria and viruses. This heightened susceptibility underscores the importance of proactive management to minimize infection risks.
  • Sleep Disturbances
    The incessant itching associated with eczema can have a profound impact on sleep patterns. Constant discomfort may lead to difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakenings during the night, and overall disrupted sleep quality. Addressing eczema effectively is not only about managing physical symptoms but also improving the overall well-being of the individual, including promoting restful sleep.
  • Anxiety and Depression
    Beyond the physical toll, eczema can exert a considerable psychological impact, potentially leading to anxiety and depression. Living with a chronic skin condition, especially one that may be visible and socially stigmatized, can contribute to feelings of self-consciousness, frustration, and emotional distress. Recognizing and addressing these psychological aspects is an integral part of a holistic approach to eczema care.

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Helen P.
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I had a great experience at Ayana Dermatology! Dr. Levi is a fantastic physician. She was very kind to me and thorough in her exam. You can clearly see she has a passion for her career and patients. Her clinic is beautiful and clean. Staff was kind and welcoming. I am happy to have found my dermatologist!
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My experience at Ayana has been nothing short of amazing! I came to Dr. Levi for hair loss, and she took the time to really listen to me and discussed all treatment options with me in detail. Not only do I feel cared for by everyone at the office, but I have also seen significant improvement in my hair growth using Dr. Levi's medical advice and treatment approach. Go to Ayana if you want results and the best care in South FL!
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Dr. Levi and staff were true professionals. Great results and competitive rates. What I thought would take months for my skin to heal was almost gone in only 1 week. Will definitely come back!
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So blessed to have a AYANA DERMATOLOGY in Wilton Manors!! Good bye med spas - overpriced and lack quality control. Dr. Cherise Mizrahi-Levi Is generous with her knowledge and time. I love learning about how to care for my skin without the med spa gimmicks.
Bernard R.
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I am from Miami Beach and now live in Orlando. I am frequently in Fort Lauderdale because that is where my kids live. I have been to many dermatologists over the years. Dr. Levi is by far the best dermatologist I have ever seen. Her attention to detail is incredible. She is highly intelligent and is great at communicating what is going on. I can't put into words how great of a doctor she is. highly recommend her!
Theresa S.
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Amazing service from first call to end of appointments. Been here several times for different things and they are consistently professional and friendly!
Therese N.
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Dr. Levi and her staff were attentive and tried to help with my concerns. Will be seeing her again in about three weeks for a followup.
Kirsten b.
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Dr. Levi is amazing. She takes the time to understand your problem and then works with you to improve your condition. You don't feel rushed and you are definitely listened to. Her follow up is fantastic, taking time to call you personally with lab results.
Talia N.
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The best derm experience I’ve ever had, truly. I felt well taken care of by the entire team. Dr. Levi is warm, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of dermatology. She took her time to explain everything from A-Z so I didn’t leave with any worries or concerns. I highly recommend this practice! Experienced skin care professionals, Amazing results, Expert facials, Licensed skin care professionals, Professional products, Beautiful results.
Mirit g.
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Thank you for the knowledge, explanation and special treatment Dr. Cherise M. Levi you're the best! Beautiful place, so peaceful & great team! Definitely going to see you soon again 🙂
Elizabeth K.
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Wonderful, caring doctor. Takes her time with patients. Never rushes. Listens to patient & makes informed recommendations. Great support staff. Makes good recommendations for skin care products. Will continue to go to Ayana Dermatology for skin cancer checks.
Ivan D.
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Beautiful office great staff very professional the doctor comes with a magnificent history in the industry in NYC she makes you feel very comfortable and i have total confidence in her decisions and advice so glad i found her!

Frequently asked questions

Regular skin checks by a dermatologist are recommended, with the frequency determined by individual risk factors and the presence of dysplastic nevi. Early detection is key to effective management.

Yes, excessive sun exposure can worsen dysplastic nevi and increase the risk of melanoma. Sun protection is paramount.

It’s important to discuss any concerns with your dermatologist. While one nevus might not raise significant alarm, they can assess your risk and recommend appropriate management strategies.

Your dermatologist will provide specific post-removal care instructions. Regular skin checks and continued sun protection remain crucial.

Limiting sun exposure, avoiding tanning beds, and adopting a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise can contribute to overall skin health and potentially reduce cancer risk.

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